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Monday, September 03, 2007
[INFO] 2007 Singapore Hit Awards


Singapore fans, the Singapore Hit Awards is here once again.
Please remember to keep voting for everyone's favourite, S.H.E!
Overseas fans should help vote as well!

For voting, please vote for S.H.E in the following:
  1. Taiwan - Most Popular Regional Artiste
  2. Most Popular Group (Listener's Choice)
Also, IF possible, help vote for HIM's artistes as well
  • TANK
  1. Most Popular Male Artiste (Listener's Choice)
  • Fahrenheit (飞轮海)
  1. Most Popular Newcomer (Listener’s Choice)
If you are planning on voting for S.H.E in a particular category more than once(which we suggest you should, keep on voting whenever you can), tick on the box that says:

You will then need to enter your personal details of
  • Name under the box 您的姓名*:
  • Sex under 您的性别*:
  • Email Address under 您的电邮*:
  • City under 登入城市*:
You then have to tick on the box that says: (Accept Rules and Regulations)

Then click on the button 呈交 and you're done!
The next time you come back to vote, you do not need to under all your details again.
You just need to click on the box that says:
Then enter your Email Address under 您的电邮*:
(Reminder: Remember to tick on the 我接受新传媒电台所列出的使用条规! box as well and click on the button 呈交)

If you plan to vote only once, then it does not make any difference if you click the box that says 我之前已经投选过,现只需输入电邮! or not. It is up to you.

The guest list has yet to be confirmed however, if S.H.E is attending the night of event, it will be announced and information on how to obtain tickets to the scene would be provided.

Rules & Regulations (Remember to read)
1. Voting is opened to public
2. You are allowed to vote 5 times only with each IP address
3. Closing date: 23rd September 2007
(1159 hr)
4. Personal details must be completed. The organizers will have the right to not accept any uncompleted forms
5. The organizers ultimately has the final decisions
6. The organizers has the right to change any Rules & Regulations at any time

Remember, Voting starts on the 3rd of September to the 24th September!

Also, don't forget to vote for S.H.E in the Global Chinese Music Awards as well!
Both of these voting events should keep fans busy for the moment!

Happy Voting!

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