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Saturday, September 01, 2007
[INFO] Global Chinese Music Awards

Another year of music awards.
Please remember to keep voting for S.H.E in the upcoming Global Chinese Music Awards!
Also, try voting for other HIM artistes!


最受歡迎20大金曲 (20 Choices) [20 Most Popular Songs]
No. 25 只對你有感覺 飛輪海、HEBE No. 48 中國話 SHE
No. 37 超喜歡你 飛輪海
And 17 more songs of your choice

03. 最受歡迎女歌手 (1 Choice) [Most Popular Female Singer]
No. 17 HEBE

最受歡迎對唱歌曲 (3 Choices) [Most Popular Duet Song]
No. 7 只對你有感覺 飛輪海、HEBE
No. 14 謝謝你的溫柔 SHE、飛輪海
And 1 more song of your choice

06. 最受歡迎歌唱組合 (3 Choices) [Most Popular Group]
No. 3 SHE
No. 1 飛輪海
And 1 more group of your choice

You do not have to vote in other categories if you do not wish to.
However, you have to enter
Your Name under 姓名:
And your Email address under 電郵:
Then click on the 提交 button.
Tip: You do not need to enter your real name or email address.

Voting start from the 31st August to the 11th November 2007
So remember to keep voting!


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