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Sunday, June 13, 2010
[MSG] Selina


Thank you all for showing your support for me and Richard!
Indeed, although he has prepared for this for half a year
However, when it comes to actually facing the media and being in the public opinion, he can't be the same as me like how I face the media and public haha
But I have already felt his utmost sincerity and hard work!!
My sisters, company, colleagues as well as myself have given him all kinds of emotional and mental consultation
I believe the very smart him will definitely fit in
And also thank you to all of you
Secretly tell you all, he actually comes to the site to view and care. The level of hard work should have won Ren Ma already I think!!
He has already read all the encouragement and advice that all of you have given him~~
Thank you all for letting him feel such cuteness and warmth!!
Secretly tell you all once again, we sat the rapid transit subway for the first time today!!!!
I don't even know how long I have not taken the trains with a boyfriend!!! That should be during my school years!! Hehe
Very happy and very blessed
The simplest thing has actually made me feel the happiest
Thank you all, thank you HIM, thank you my sisters, thank you my dad and mom, thank you Richard
I promise to you all, the next time if there is another big news like this, I will definitely let you all know first!!!

Originally posted on 2010/6/13 at 1:20:59

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