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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
[MSG] Precipitated For Two Days


Precipitation for two days already yet I still can't precipitate my excited heart
Other than the anticipation
I never thought a plot so much like in the movies would happen to me
I am already very very fortunate
I never thought that God would love me so much so that He gave me my sisters, family, company and AZhong, who all love me so much
And of course, there is you guys!! You guys who generously shouted out "Get married"!! So cute!!
Made me faint!!!

Up till now, whenever I watch the news about it, my eyes would be teary
I am really very touched with regards to a normal person expressing his love at such a venue
That really needs courage, alot of courage
He will now be in the same circle of media as me
Together, we will face the media's continuous chase
He has already prepare for half a year
However, facing the truth still makes my heart hurt
I will continuously support him just like how you guys support me
I want to be modest and humble for all the happiness that I possess
I also want to apologise to everyone for letting you all know only now that I am very blessed
Hope that you all will accompany me pursue the happiness that I want~~

Originally posted on 2010/6/1 at 下午 11:06:52

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