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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
[INFO] Via Mobile

If you've been following our site religiously, you would have already noticed several recent "short posts" usually containing afew sentences and/or photos. Also, if you're a fan on our facebook fan page, you would know that these "short posts" are similar to twitter whereby S.H.E will be updating us on their current situations through their very own mobile phones. Easy, convenient and great for us S.H.E crazies!

As usual, the S.H.E icon heads SelinaHebeElla will each represent who's twitter-like each posts belongs to. In addition, identifying the words "via Mobile" at the end of each post will enable you to differentiate twitter-like posts from normal blog posts.

Because this function acts like Twitter itself, S.H.E will be able to 'reply' to other people's twitter posts on their mobile phones. Seeing a @ sign infront of someone's username will help you identify that it is a reply. So if Selina were to reply to one of Hebe's posts, there will be a @Hebe:(Hebe's message that Selina is replying to) at the start of each entry. You will get it when you see the posts!

Replies will be as follows:

To Selina will be @Selina
To Hebe will be @Hebe
To Ella will be @Ella
To Selina's dad will be @Ren ba
To Selina's sister will be @Kristen
To any others will be @Others

Any other exceptions will otherwise be stated in the entry posts itself FYI.


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