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Tuesday, September 01, 2009
S.H.E is The One to Shine The Brightest of Them All

Nominate for S.H.E!
Nominate for S.H.E Daybook!

S.H.E Daybook was the first ever English Blog where fans could get their S.H.E news cravings in an instant without having to put up with any troublesome registration in order to view the site.

We thank all our supporters and would like to invite you to come help nominate us and honour this blog dedicated to S.H.E!

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Nominate us for the Best Celebrity Blog and let S.H.E have the glory of being "the star that shines the brightest!"

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Step 1:
Visit http://www.awards.nuffnang.com/nominations.php

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Fill in Your Particulars

Step 3:
Nominate us with the following!

Feel free to nominate in the 'Overall Blog Categories' if you may wish or just leave it blank.
Enter the word in the image box and Submit Nomination!

Easy and simple!
Nomination ends on the 13th September 2009!
Nominate S.H.E Daybook so that S.H.E is The One to shine the brightest of them all!

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