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Thursday, August 27, 2009
[MSG] Love


Today is a day filled with Love
But because of everyone's help in the flood
Makes this day filled with even more Love
This natural disaster has let everyone suffered
There is much pain in hearts
But because of this, we know that other than such pain, there is even more love in everyone's hearts
The flood has resulted in the lost of family members and friends. The lost of life.
There are even people who sacrificed themselves in order to save others
Becoming their own heroes
We have witnessed the radiance in human
We can also be heroes ourselves
As long as you have the capability
No matter in what kind of form
Donate if you have money, Help out when you can
And you will be a hero yourself
This world needs a lot more love, Thank you all for the Love

Following that, because of Love
We are going to have a concert which will be filled with Love
Because of Love, the three of us were able to make it this far
Hope everyone would come and enjoy the concert
Witness our Love
Because of your love for us
Then only we exist
Let us use Love to keep living happily and blissfully in this World
Use Love to make this World a happier and more beautiful place

We're all one big family

Originally posted on 2009-08-27 at 15:13:00

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