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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
[MSG] I Cried Today


It is super hot today, it is the second day of my mensus and the flow is so much, little sister is also bloated (Girls should be able to understand)
I was filming with six super cute dogs this morning (But they are kind of out of control)
It had been hard on them because each one of them were feeling hot like mad
Including me, I think I have a little heatstroke
Just after filming the first scene and I couldn't stand it already
Because I had a headache, everytime just before my mensus I would get headache
The very day it comes I would also get headache
And this time isn't an exception, really pain till I want to die
Yet I have to bear with it and continue with the filming
After filming I was thinking, I must cry out for awhile to vent out my steam
So I couldn't control my tears and it came rolling down while I was making my way to the car
When I got into the car, I used sleep to appease myself
Little did I know that I had received a tearful text message from my dad which made me cry all over again
The contents were as follows
Huahua: Today is your 28th birthday
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
Be happy everyday and far away from troubles
Where are you going tonight for celebration?
If it weren't for the trip to Macao tomorrow, I really want to spend your birthday with you
Often at night, Daddy would always think in which life did Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and Mom get such a blessing
God had given us such a good daughter
Daddy has always been grateful
It has been hard on you for the past years
Please don't forget to take care of your health, you earn so much money, you should treat yourself a little better
Dad and mom Thank You for the love, forgiveness and all that you have done for your brother and sisters
Boy, having you in this family is so good
That's all, see you at Macao on the 19th
Wishing success for your performance

Are you all touched?
I should be the one who should be Thanking my dad and mom for giving me such a blissful family
Everytime it's my birthday
My tears would flow nonstop
Because the people by my side loves me so much
My sisters, my brother, my dad abd mom, my two good sisters, my good friends, my classmates
Even my colleagues
Everyone treats me very good
I want to Thank God for letting me have so much at the age of 28
I will live my life well, live blissfully and happily

Everyone who is reading this now
I also want to Thank you all
Thank you all for also loving me, Thank You to all the friends from different countries for all the blessings
I have felt all your love already
And is very touched
Each one of you are great fans
Thank You
Happy Birthday, I am really very happy

Originally posted on 2009-06-17 at 19:17:35

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