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Sunday, May 24, 2009
[MSG] The Weather Is So Hot


How is everyone?
I am very tired
Actually from day one of filming I had already regretted that I accepted filming again
Why do I have to let myself get caught up in this situation again
The sun is so scorching till I am going to go crazy soon
At times I feel like I am going to roasted soon
My sweat sprinkles instead of dripping
My undergarments have to be changed three times a day
I have no appetite for lunch
Such days are almost reaching to four months
Chen Jia Hua, Chen Jia Hua
Serve you right
Who ask you to be crazily addicted to drama, so easily agree on filming
The next time must think it over carefully
Don't be so impulsive
Finished venting
I will still film well though
Because this is my job
I don't know anything, the only thing I know is to make people happy
Thank You God for giving me this gift
I will cherish and bring it out well
Thank You for everyone's care and concern
I am very well, don't worry about me

Originally posted on 2009-05-24 at 22:55:29

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