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Monday, March 16, 2009
[MSG] Everyone Lets Be Kind Hearted Together

Hello my dear friends
I am S.H.E's Ella, Recently there's one happy thing that I would like to invite everyone to join together
World Vision of Taiwan will be launching "student action"
To help the children returning to campus, Study happily, Education can increase people's intelligence, To benefit the world
As long as you donate the small change, it will be able to exert great love, Subscribe to the bread of love filled with your love
You can also be a happy subsidize person
I have also subscribe to 10 bread of love, Put on my house's administrator wardrobe, Yong Kang Street (永康街) beverages shop, and also my sister's yoga classroom
You can also become one of the member, Be kind hearted together, Let us be a more kind hearted good person!!

Originally posted on 2009-03-12

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