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Thursday, February 12, 2009
[MSG] Happy Lunar Year

Will it be too late to say Happy Lunar Year now?
It should not be too late! Because I am very sincere!
Since one's life will have to go through live, getting old, illness, death, pay taxes, work hard (Work hard is the one that is added by me myself!)
So lets work hard together in this new year
Work hard to forget, forget all the unhappy ones
Work hard to be brave, be brave to love yourself, be brave to love life, be brave to love those you love
Work hard to be more brave
After all the hardwork, then you will not waste one great new year
This is my resolution
Sharing it with all of you

Nowadays, is it consider out dated using film camera?
No way! Because it can still capture lots of cute moments!
Recently got obsessed using the traditional film camera to take picture
Like the unknown feeling, the feeling of waiting for the pictures to be developed
Liking the suprise after the pictures are being developed, good ones, bad ones, I will take them all without questions, well, not like I have choice not to accept them (just like life)
Me in this new year, Mama, Gou Gou (狗狗), Tian Bong (田蹦)
All were captured using the film camera
Sharing it with all of you
Happy New Year

Originally posted on 2009-02-09

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