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Friday, February 27, 2009
[MSG] I Am A HairCut Expert

Recently got obsessed with helping people to cut hair
My younger brother was the first one who let me start cutting, Bad luck for him, Blame his hair that I couldn't stand at all
But, Now he is super handsome, Everyone says he is good-looking, Haha
Furthermore, I helped grandma to cut when I went home during Chinese New Year, Because she is a little blur
So, She does not mind whether the way I cut is good-looking or not
Haha, Consider that I'm lucky
It has been a long time I did not leave a message, Therefore would like to share something with everyone
Seeing grandma and grandpa that never leave each other, Helping each other until old, Really feel happy for them, And also very evny them
Hope these pictures of happiness may also touched everyone

Originally posted on 2009-02-25

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