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Monday, January 12, 2009
[NEWS] S.H.E Walks Away With 2 Awards, Hebe Avoids Being Exposed

S.H.E walks away with 2 awards

Hebe avoids being exposed

The annual Beijing Music Radio Awards was held last night where numourous celebrities attended. During the extremely busy night, the evening's weather was exceptionally cold. However, the very professional S.H.E expressed backstage: Beijing is really too cold, Selina expressed that even holding things must be very careful because of static electricity.

When announcing the year's best group, the mischevious S.H.E whom were continuously making funny faces while sitted managed to obtain the Best Group Award for Hong Kong and Taiwan region. Hebe who wanted to express her feelings but was loss for words only said her thanks; thanking the company's cultivation as well as fans' support. While preparation backstage, Hebe had been worried about her skirt and being exposed therefore kept practicing as to how not to expose herself. Hebe said that although she had worn shorts inside, she still needs to be careful as safety is afterall, number one priority. Selina was full of enthusiasm while enjoying other artistes' performances on stage. During media interviews, reporters asked why Ella did not rush up onto stage to perform with JJ Lin Junjie? Ella expressed that the Group Award Nominees were to prepare backstage that's why Lin Junjie had asked where we had disappeared to. Reporters were concerned about S.H.E's love life and asked if they wish for a relationship. Ella said that they are, of course, excited to meet a suitable man during the new year. During that night, S.H.E attended the entire awards ceremony where they watched many artistes' performances and enjoyed themselves, during Chen Yixun's performance, Hebe even sung happily; playing and enjoying herself.

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