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Sunday, December 14, 2008
[MSG] Thank You & Merry Christmas In Advance


Thank you all for attending the event
I know times are bad
But everyone still chases after celebrities, making their idols happy
You guys are really doing good charity

I also want to Thank those who are of a certain age already yet are still so youthful inside
Thank you all for always preparing special gifts for us
I always read each and every one of your letters
And have come to know some of your stories through them
My heart aches for you
I hope all the best for you
Fortunately there is a bunch of big sisters and great mothers there whom makes me feel at ease
I also admire the friendship you guys hold
I believe
That all of you will be each other's most important friend in life
I hope that you'll give each other comfort and strength, be sharing and forgiving to each other for life

Allow me to change topic
Recently some of you have realised that
I seem to be melancholy
Not as lively
I have also realised that
To say the truth
I do not feel that I am unhappy
I am very satisfied with the life I am currently living
The me that I am now
I have my family, my friends and all of you that loves me very much
I am employed, I am far more blessed than alot of people
Speaking of this, I want to say Thank You again
I'm thinking that maybe its because of my age, if I get any higher, I would become steelyard
I will balance alot of things in my heart
Or maybe because I am really old already, don't feel as enthusiastic, don't do too much exaggerating things even though when compared to others, I am still a very exaggerating person Hehe
So there is no need to worry about me Because
I really am very good
Just that I am not as lively as before
Thank you all for your concerns
Love you all

Originally posted on 2008-12-14 at 01:33:23

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