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Thursday, December 11, 2008
[AD] Nuffnang Australia!

You’ve seen these Nuffnang banner ads on the site for sometime now but the real question is, what’s all the hooha about?
In a just a simple sentence (ok, maybe two), “Nuffnang Australia is a local blog ad network where Australian bloggers who sign up will run Australian ads on their blogs. Bloggers receive payment when matched successfully with local advertisements sold by Nuffnang.”Sounds appealing? Click Here to find out more!

The deal is, Nuffnang Australia is looking for Aussie bloggers (Yes, that’s you), big and small, to join the Nuffnang family. Don’t worry - no joining fee or any of that sort is required. We’ve already joined it! Here’s three other bloggers that have already joined Nuffnang:

Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life

My Living Footprints

The great thing about Nuffnang is that cash *ka-ching!* goes into your pocket while you blog. (And no, your blog will not contain those annoying, ugly ads you usually see – With Nuffnang, it’s different.) Just like you, Nuffnangers love to have fun – there are always competitions and prizes waiting to be won as well as fun par-tay events to engage in. In addition, just like the various charity events S.H.E supports, Nuffnang is in the midst of establishing a permanent charity initiative.What’s not to like? What are you waiting for? Nuffnang is already established in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines – You cannot go wrong with this one.

Even S.H.E tells you to do something special this Christmas – Join the Nuffnang family, make friends and earn cash while blogging at http://www.nuffnang.com.au! (Like, seriously, lol!)Why we need the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9, Nuffnang Santa!
  • It’s portable which means we can finally update the site (on the go!) without using our old chunky computers.
  • They obviously look yummy-licious!
  • Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9 = Much more frequent S.H.E updates.
  • Too poor to afford one. (Unfortunately…)
  • Just like S.H.E, we blog, blog and, did I mention, blog?
  • Cause this whole post is the ultimate shizzle.
  • Just cause I want one.
(Yeah, see what Selina meant by you get to participate in competitions?)

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