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Monday, September 01, 2008
[NEWS] S.H.E's 「FM S.H.E」

Singing, acting and dancing, they can do it all. S.H.E will be coming out with a new status of radio hosts. Their close relationship which allows them to have endless topics to chat about made them feel that chatting offscreen just wasn't enough. Thus, decided to broadcast their conversations onair by creating an internet radio station FM S.H.E which will commence at the end of September. Other than basing the program on their own personalities, they will also be interviewing guests. S.H.E revealed their list people they wanted to interview the most: Dr. Derek Christopher Shepherd (Television Series Grey's Anatomy, also known as the main actor of Film Made Of Honor), Faye Wong and Wonbin.

S.H.E whom had very few events during the last few months have been preparing for their latest album as well as their radio station. Hebe who usually has a cool and calm appearance and personality was being chosen as FM S.H.E's chairman. Selina, whose outer appearance is gentle and delicate while her voice is beautiful and sweet is most suitable to be the telephone switchboard operator. Ella whom is the most ethusiastic and warmhearted will be the Person in Charge of General Matters, Ella will be in charge of whatever happens around here!

S.H.E takes FM S.H.E seriously. The three have had several conference meetings with their record company, discussing the contents of the program and generating ideas for the three of them to present something special. Topics that will be discussed throughout the program would include Life, Matters, Relationships, Music and more. Ella had even specially composed a song for the station.

The radio program has plans of inviting guests on air for S.H.E to interview. Ella wants to interview her most loved, Korean celebrity, Wonbin, I want to ask him if he will fall for girls like me; Obessessed with television series Grey's Anatomy, Selina wishes to ask the main actor of the film Made Of Honor, Patrick Dempsey: If you were not married yet, will I have a chance? Hebe who dreams about interviewing her idol, Faye Wong expressed: I will ask her about every little detail about her life, for instances, how is her house decorated like, what she eats for breakfast, the exact attitude of a fan wanting to know everything about her idol. If they were to face a guest who does not talk much, S.H.E will not be worried. Ella laughed and said: Our own chatting is already enough, we won't be afraid of any silence or awkwardness! Worst comes to worst, we'll just leave the guests at a side and chat by ourselves.

Originally posted on 2008-08-28

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