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Friday, September 12, 2008
[MSG] Happy Birthday Together


Wa wa wa, Its been seven years, All of us are going to Primary one already
The days really passed by very fast, Starting from number one, Until number two, Soon its time to join the age that starts with the number three, Oh my god
Must find a boyfriend as soon as possible, Hahaha
Thank You for everyone's support and concern all this while
The three of us, Our hearts and minds are full of gratitude, Appreciate this special destiny, Appreciate this identity different from ordinary people, Allowing us to have so much, Especially having your selflessness love
(Although it sounds mushy and gross but it is coming from my heart)
Thank You once again

Today was embarrassing , super embarrassing, Under the public place with numerous people, Flutter Street (In Cantonese)
I fell down until my hands had no more strength, Hahaha
But then again, I really deserved it, Who asked me to refuse to let people help me open the umbrella, I just wanted to run myself, I really deserved it, Luckily there wasn't any media there to broadcast it live, Hahaha
However, Thank You for everyone's concern, I'm very well, Nothing happened, Small injuries here and there, Remember, I am famous for being thick skinned, Hehe
Thanks to my Mum who gave me such good skin

Tomorrow~ Which is also today's mid night, We want to officially meet people for this new album for the first time, Therefore, If you missed it, you will be more embarrassing compared to me at Flutter Street
In addition, people who born on 911, Do not forget our Birthday Party, Those who do not come is smelly fart, Haha, You do not want to be a smelly fart right?

Originally posted on 2008-09-11 at 00:57:12

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