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Thursday, August 07, 2008
[MSG] To Forge Ahead Olympic, A Big Announcement Before The Action


Wawawa Beijing Welcomes You
Today early in the morning with the enturage of 11 people
Grandiosely set off from Taipei to forge ahead Olympic
To exactly participate in the once in four years global event
Although we won't be observing the competition however we can look around the brilliant exciting period of the super opening ceremony
Feel excited just by thinking of it
I, the master of blogging is here to leave messages again
Because I am too happy so I feel like sharing our joy of life with everyone
Ready?? Go!!

First Photo - Feces Hebe alone with old makeup artiste Du, Why was she left alone? Because while we were waiting for a transit from Seoul, we took the shuttle and the result was? Careless Feces Hebe got heedlessly was trapped into the compartment alone, We just looked at her as she was led away by the vehicle, Haha once getting down from the vehicle, Lonely Feces Hebe had to wait for us but who would have thought that our old makeup artist had also been trapped
HahaSecond Photo / Third Photo - Capturing on the air, two pretty ladies were pretending because they knew that I was photographing,Wife's acting is better, Feces Hebe was laughing Ha

Forth Photo / Fifth Photo - Arrived destination, surely, we must capture some photographs for remembrance, capture capture capture, I am the master of blogging.

Originally posted on 2008-08-07

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