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Friday, August 01, 2008
[MSG] Jarkarta Behind The Scenes


Here we come
This is my first time here
Feels very unfamiliar
We're only more familiar with the airport and the hotels There's no impression of other things
Hope that tomorrow's performance will leave a deep impression
In a deep impression way of
Being able to be close with the fans and the reactions we receive from them
So good impressions will be handed over to you all
Be loud, good and sing correctly tomorrow
Ok? Hehe
Recently I've been addicted to blogging
Let me post some photos again
Do you all feel happy?
Don't get happy so soon
I am different all the time
Geminis are like this
Who knows, the next time I post might be three months later
Ah Who cares
Let you all enjoy first Hahaha

First photo - Reporters' Conference

Second photo - It's me and I thought I was very handsome but who knows, it turned out to be so badThird photo - It's wife and I during interview

Fourth photo - It's a demonstation of napkins, napkins are supposed to be used like this, we're crazy don't take us seriouslyFifth photo - During rehearsals
So what do you think? I am a very good blogger right? I want to be the master of blogging
For two days and that's enough

Originally posted on 2008-08-01

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