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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
[MSG] Cause Someone To Excite, The Opening Ceremony That Touched 1


This trip is really too perfect
Sitting in the middle of the Bird Nest to enjoy every performance during the opening ceremony
Felt very shocked
Why is it so good
This is because
China has a broad and profound culture
Therefore, We who had seen and listen since childhood
From the opening of the scroll
The reel then continuously impenetrate the entire courtyard
Only the opening, then will have the scroll
That's why want everyone, read more
And China ink painting final complete is from every athletes' footprint
Really very touching

The people on the Earth walking here and there, The symbol of one world one family, The vigor of the global village

Printing, Tai Chi, China ink painting, Shui Xiu Dance, All these are all our China world famous classics culture
And all these also combined with modern age high technology, To show that our China continuously progress and also the water diversion source

Li Ning, use the spirit , To light up the holy fire
At that moment, everyone's mood are all extremely excited
Too perfect
Really too too too touching
Good luck, Good luck China, Good luck Olympics

Originally posted on 2008-08-11

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