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Thursday, August 14, 2008
[MSG] Be Finished, Too Cute

Wa, Tie Dan arrived home already la
Its too cute la
He and Xiao Gui not bad o, But Xiao Gui has a slightly bad mood towards him, Because, He will continuously play with Xiao Gui, Very funny
But my Tie Dan ah, Seems like is having a bit cock fighting eye and also phoenix eye, Ha ha, Very funny o, My sister said, This is a type of characteristic, Having characteristic will only be more cute o,
Once Feces Hebe know that Tie Dan is home, She immediately dashed to my house to see Tie Dan, As if she's the one who gave birth to it, Ha ha, She really loves dogs
Wife has not seen her little great grandson,
It doesn't matter, After some time, Wait for Tie Dan to be bigger, I will then bring him out everywhere to play, To look for Ah ㄗㄡˋ to play, Ha ha
Tie Dan must be well-behaved o
Must grow up faster, Must be healthy o
Love you ah

Originally posted on 2008-08-14

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