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Friday, July 04, 2008
[NEWS] S.H.E In The Jasmine Tea's Latest Advertisement Film,The Truth Was Revealed,Once Again Emerge The Intimacy Of The Deep Friendship

S.H.E in the Jasmine Tea's latest advertisement film,the truth was revealed,once again emerge the intimacy of the deep friendship,the advertisement that shares the story of the friendship,actually is a fact in S.H.E's real side,the trio's relationship goes without saying,when either one is in need of help,when in need of comfort,the other two is the most close and intimate cheerleading.

Selina,Hebe,Ella the three of them not only encourage and cheer each other in work,will also create happiness for each other in life,they think that,sharing the joy of the occasion,absolutely cannot miss the Jasmine Tea's good partner,other than the excellent taste that can bring coolness and joy during the practise singing in work,Jasmine Tea is an integral part of their friendship heating which is an indispensable secret,who likes what taste,each other will also know : Hebe prefers the refreshing honey chrysanthemum,Selina likes pure sweet honey tea,Ella's type loves ice brewing osmanthus with rich aroma,everytime seeing Jasmine Tea's products,the three of them will surely act the same like in the advertisement film happy until will grab a bottle of their favourite.

Taiwan's first tea drink with aluminium foil packaging is light spring honey jasmine tea,over these 20 years remained using the first one until pre-dawn's brewing of jasmine flower,the local flower with pure fragrant,not bitter not grating,suit well with chosen honey,the unique fresh taste is just as famous and nice as the refreshing water,other products are absolutely cannot be compared and copied,it is also because of Jasmine Tea's hot selling,and also continue to release green tea,osmanthus flower,honey chrysanthemum and other new tastes,like the using of the pre-dawn's fresh tea leaves to carry on the extraction of liquid,to maintain the fresh taste. S.H.E fans,must also try the various types of flavours of Jasmine Tea!

Originally posted on 2008-07-03

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