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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
[MSG] Surfing Ye

I woke up early today morning
I went to the the beach at Yi Lan Shi Gang with the so called big bear guy and big bear guy's friends
This is my second time surfing
My performance was quite good, I could stand up a few times
The waves were so strong and big and I heard that today's waves are the best amongst the past couple of days
Really very lucky
To be able to go on such a day Haha
Ah~ While surfing, I met Ah Qiang
So I surfed towards Ah Qiang, so cute
However, her owner then said: Ai~ Ah Ugly
But Ya Chou is bigger and heavier than Qiang Qiang
My Ya Qiang is so small size that she belongs to the very delicate type
Really cute
Wa Being close to nature feels so good, healthy and your mood becomes lighter as well
However to be able to feel healthy, you got to have a healthy environment
Everyone should continue to do their part in reducing carbon ok?!!
GO GO GO, Big Reducing Carbon Mission where everyone plays their part Hahaha

Originally posted on 2008-07-08

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