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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
[MSG] Ken Ding Ok Or Not

EllaLast week
Together with my ex-classmates, the seven of us fairies flew down to Earth and went to Ken Ding for some fun
Once we had also went to Ken Ding Ming Dan Island The 4-stream spa
But this trip is to mark our 10th Anniversary since knowing each other
They are very innocent and kind-hearted people
I feel very lucky to know that half of the people I meet in my life continue to spend time and love together
Very Thankful
Getting along with each other so often will make me remember the past which was so innocent and beautiful but also makes me reminisce of my young body size Hahaha
Human... Will gain a kilogram with every growing age
This time
We promised that a certain time after half a year around has passed, everyone has to slim down to a certain goal We also have to record it down as proof Haha Really makes me laugh to death
We also joked that on our 20th Anniversary, we will meet up to do thermacool By that time, we really will need it Haha
This time, besides my ex-classmates, some of my seniors joined in as well because they are the Ken Ding's handsome surfer
They are also the guest of public TV once I was a guest at Ken Ding surfing on a sunny weather Ha ha Although only 2 sentences of words where there was almost no coverage Ha
I had not seen them for quite some time already Thanks to them this time Besides being a good surfing trainer and our chauffeur big brother Haha
Really a friend that is very nice to count on They also got along well with my ex-classmates We also discussed how good those three were Hahaha
In short, this was a very happy trip because everyone did not change Only change to be more special Specially big in size Hehe
As for the three surfers One of them specially explained that he will be single forever Haha Same Gemini sign as me - Mad and Crazy Hehe
Some of you are still students Must really appreciate this short innocent period because the friendships during this innocent period will be something that you will miss once you graduate
Hope that everyone will possess such innocent happiness like how I have
Bless you all

Originally posted on 2008-07-08

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