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Saturday, July 26, 2008
[MSG] For Everyone Who Is Outside


A very good friend of mine had a car accident
She was riding on a motorcycle and was hit by a sedan
Fortunately, nothing serious happened but just some skin injuries which might leave some unsightly scars
But at least she was fine and her life was not at risk
This fellow did not tell us anything until we found something strange, only then did she admit that she had gotten into an accident and it was someone else that told us
She was afraid that we would be sad and worried that is why she did not dare to say anything
However she comes all the way to Taipei from Taichung to work, there is nobody by her side so it is natural to rely on her friends
So I say, fellow friends, please take extra safety and caution when you are out
You may not have the ability to your parents live a good life however don't make them worried and sad, this is the basic of being filial and is the best gift you can give to your parents, understand?
Also, if anything should happen, no matter what the matter, don't quietly take it all by yourself, it is a very difficult thing to do and will also make the people who love you sad and worried
Take good care of yourselves

Originally posted on 2008-07-26 at 03:13:41

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