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Saturday, June 28, 2008
[NEWS] Power Station,S.H.E,Fahrenheit,One Million Stars Invite You Together To Know About Liu Li Yang

Power Station say: Li Yang is a smart and cute lady.Hope one day we can together perform rock music.
S.H.E say: Li Yang got the strength.The emergence came after passing through the competition.Believe that can allow H.I.M to have even more and even better voice.
One Million Stars say: Hope that after this there can be many cooperation and exchanges with Li Yang.Welcome to be a part of H.I.M member.
Fahrenheit say: When Li Yang's voice was first heard it was really frightening.But after getting along with each other feel that she has the open-minded of the northern part girl's feelings.

Power Station,S.H.E,Fahrenheit,One Million Stars invite you together to know about Liu Li Yang.

Originally posted on 2008-06-28

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