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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
[NEWS] Lin You Jia Closure Was "A Trick Of Little Devil" To Run A Concert Tour In The Year 2009

Lin You Jia closure was "A Trick Of Little Devil",to run a concert tour in the year 2009.Senior brothers and sister Power Station,Selina Ren,Calvin Chen and Tank support little junior brother.Sending concert tickets,the guarantee of music,air tickets,travel permits and love support and cheer him up.

On the 3rd of June,the issue of the personal debut album 'Mystery' by Yoga Lin You Jia,to break the 40,000 sales,and rely on the three 'maze' superb concert tour,was called 'A Trick Of Little Devil'.Lin You Jia yesterday got H.I.M's record,senior brothers and sisters Power Station,S.H.E,Fahrenheit and Tank's gifts,he happily said:"The gift that I like the most is to get to know that in the year 2009 the company will still be helping me to handle the concert tour,and with that I can continue to sing songs for people to listen."

H.I.M's general manager Linda firstly 'coronate' Lin You Jia,praising him for his magic on stage,let the audiences to bog down in the 'maze' concert unable to extricate themselves.Selina represents S.H.E who had already held 2 concert tours,brought commiments to H.I.M for Lin You Jia to conduct the '2009 Yoga's Trick Concert Tour'.Selina said:"Lin You Jia's performances and speeches during concert are really good,however we as senior sisters held was 'global' concert tour,therefore you have to make extra effort!"And Lin You Jia after the warm embrance,Selina jokingly said:"Such a young good looking and physical youth,must hug more!"Lin You Jia with red face,feeling shy:"Senior sister is really very pretty!"

Tank who has been shortlisted for the two music awards (Best Male Singer) and (The Best Single Producer) also blessed Lin You Jia and hope that next year he will be better than his senior brothers and sisters (footsteps),to be shortlisted for music awards,Lin You Jia's desire is to be like Power Station and S.H.E,being sure to get the music awards.Selina who could not stand it reminds Tank:"Be better than us and our footsteps?Supposed to be follow our footsteps?"Making everybody laugh because of this.

Calvin Chen who represents the boy band Fahrenheit had sent an (air ticket),he said that,S.H.E the 'PLAY' album sales was success last year,therefore H.I.M rewarded S.H.E and all the staffs a visit trip to Bali,(Lin You Jia hopes that the album could have such good results too,taking everyone to go abroad).However if want to travel abroad,there are conditions,sales breaking 30,000 can go to 'Lu Zhou and Chao Zhou',more than 80,000 'Australia',more than 100,000 can go to 'America',more than 150,000 to 'Europe',if the sales are more than 500,000,Lin You Jia is allow to go around the world (for one week).'Mystery' album was sold over 40,000 at present,so is qualified to go to Lu Zhou and back home in Chao Zhou for trip.Lin You Jia laughed and said:"Not bad!I also think of going over to Lu Zhou"

Finally,the grand finale Power Station,had only said a phrase "Love Permits".You Qiu Xing said,H.I.M does not prohibit the singer to be in love,more over having more love for the interpretation of love songs will also be helpful.Yan Zhi Ling who has already married laughed,can teach Lin You Jia the technique to secretly to be in love and not aware by others.But he also reminded Lin You Jia:"Can be in love,but do not have a baby so early!"Making Lin You Jia nod after listening.

Receiving a gift of 5 also see many senior brothers and sisters come to see him,Lin You Jia was touched and said:"I think my reputation is too high,usually everybody is very busy,but then they arrange the time and willing to come and watch my concert,today specially come to wish me luck,really feel very grateful and thank to them."Selina thinks that,Lin You Jia himself puts lots of efforts,he himself is also very good,so I hope he continues to work harder,hope that he will have a better result.

Originally posted on 2008-06-12

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