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Monday, June 16, 2008
[MSG] Thank You All For The Blessings I Am Very Happy, Very Blessed


There has been a lot of blessings and wishes recently on the site
I really feel that
All of you really love me
I have received letters from all over the world
Some from Thailand
Some from China
Some from Hong Kong
Also from Singapore
And so on
So many blessings
I am really very happy
I even
Received blessings from my family
Which was recorded and put together by fans
Really makes me touched
All of you specially did this just for me
My family did not tell me about this
Just so that it will come to me as a surprise
Thank you all
I really am very happy
This year's birthday will be simple
Which will just be going for dinner with some close friends
Gather for dinner
I have recently
Grown chubbier
How annoying is this
I have to get active and do some exercise soon
Don't worry
I won't overdo anything
The 27 year old me
Meet a good man
I also hope that
The people I love and those who love me will all be healthy and happy always
These two things are important in life
Promose me that all of you will take care of your health and always maintain that happy mood
Of course, I hope that our album will run smoothly and will be well received by everyone
Love you all
Love everyone
Thank you all for your blessings
I will always be appreciative of this
I am serious about this
I will show off to my child in the future

Originally posted on 2008-06-16 at 01:17:35

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