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Thursday, June 05, 2008
[MSG] It Has Been One Year My Good Daughter,Are You Okay


Qiang Qiang
It has been one year
Are you okay along these days
Mama who is still not strong came out tears of missing you

Along these days
People in heaven has increased right
This is because of the earthquake
I say good daughter ah
You have to accompany them well
I know that you treat people the best

I believe
Having you to accompany
The compatriots in heaven
Will surely be happy
Promise mama
Must be a good angel

If you have time
Must have a talk with the God
Ask him to bless our fellow citizens
Can be free from the pain earlier
Helping them to rebuild their houses
To continue to face their life
And also allow us to live in a better world
Oh love you
My good daughter

Do not eat so good
Your feet are so tiny
Could not bare to hold your weight
I do not know whether the doctors in paradise are as good as Doctor Huang
Do not eat until too fat then its all right
Do not disturb other people
Not everybody will be like your mum who resist you to bite
Oh dear
Miss you so much

Originally posted on 2008-06-04 at 23:13:24

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