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Monday, June 23, 2008
[INFO] 比較美好的世界 Single

※All revenue made by this single will be donated to those in need of the Si Chuan earthquake
※Power Station、S.H.E、TANK、Fahrenheit、Yoga Lin、Peter Pan、Judy Zhou、Stanly Hsu+Charks An+Ring Hsu、Jade Liu Performs
※Famous lyricist Shi Ren Cheng、China's new promising music composer Zheng Nan
※Fortunately at such hopeless times like this, there is Love and Music to bring out 【A Beautiful and Better World】


Singers include:
Golden Melody award rock winners - Power Station
H.I.M's number one girl group - S.H.E
Music's Conqueror - TANK
Number one's boy grop - Fahrenheit
Million Stars - Lin You Jia、Zhou Ding Wei、Pan Yu Wen、Hsu Ren Jie、An Bo Zheng、Hsu Wan Ling
China's new female singer - Liu Li Yang

After the 12th of May's Si Chuan Earthquake, many hearts were broken and hurt by the news reports. With this, H.I.M artistes hopes to use their own voice abilities to help the people affected. Together with H.I.M's promising lyricists, Shi Ren Cheng and music composer, Zheng Nan, H.I.M presents 「比較美好的世界」. (A Beautiful and Better World)

All is welcome to come support and show their love
This single is currently out for digital download only
Please visit the above link to support.

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