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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
[NEWS] S.H.E Has Heart For The Disaster Areas,Along With Daphne And Together With You

May15,when all the sectors of love sustained attention for the earthquake-stricken area, the Asian women's well-known brand Daphne news conference which held in Shanghai, announced that the earthquake-stricken area of the four Chuan received a donation of a total 20 Million Yuan of money and materials.The brand's spokesperson Liu Ruo Ying called through on-line telephone for a dedication of love; S.H.E were specially invited to attend the conference on behalf of a donation and the Shanghai Charity Foundation on behalf of the disaster area accepted the donation, through this Daozhuanyinyu on the move, many more people will be urged to sacrifice their love to help people from the disaster areas.

Wenchuan earthquake had shake the country, one after another natural disaster occur, and has always be a talk or issue in public welfare activities, the Daphne's social responsibility, also the first time taking practical action to express their concern for the disaster areas and also called on all the staffs to express their love and contribute, with the donations of the enterprise, it raised until 20 Millions Yuan money and materials, to be donated to the disaster areas for help, as a relief and reconstruction purpose. In order to play the role of Daozhuanyinyu to charity and to a greater influence, Daphne particular brand spokesperson invited S.H.E to the conference site, on behalf of a corporate money donations to donate to the Shanghai Charity Foundation, the recipient units.

S.H.E trio said that the earthquake which caused by the disaster is a sad thing, but they were absolutely happy to be able to lend a helping hand to the affected populations, especially Selina who is a native of Si Chuan, who has a special feeling towards the land, Daphne and them were pleased to be able to donate it on behalf of the loving citizens, and would like to take this opportunity, to appeal to more people to contribute their effort, for the earthquake relief work, to make the people of the affected areas feel the warmth, and to let them know that they are not alone at that moment, as all the love from us are together with them.

The spokesperson Liu Ruo Ying who could not arrive at the scene, through telephone support as she had activities overseas, said that it was just last month the concert was held in Chengdu,apart from expressing concern towards the affected areas, she also refer to the future opportunities and hope the disaster victims will be relief and keep cheering on, and helping them to a total of tiding over the difficult times and to rebuild their homeland.

As the first domestic sales of women's brands, Daphne not only contribute money and efforts for the disaster relief activities, but also speak and fully integrate the influence of the stars/artists performance,to maximize the effectiveness of the charitable help, to attract more people to contribute and participate for the earthquake relief activities for the disaster areas so that people can get more help and assistance. Chen Ying Jie,the general manager said: Thank You for Daphne from the start! Hope that through such assistance,good corporate social responsibility to contribute, so that people feel and support the disaster area, through the process of reconstruction although it is difficult, but they are not alone, because we love them and will be together with them.

Originally posted on 2008-05-16

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