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Saturday, May 24, 2008
[MSG] One Will Not Die Without Music Awards


Artists seemed to be really easy to be on fame by some particular news.
Luckily,I had already produce a record (which means produce her albums) and have everybody's support.
I have the carrier and I have the income
I can afford to buy computer and go online
That was how i only got to know that actually no one were being nominated for the music awards.
Otherwise, there would not be anyone who speaks or tell me about it.

I can do nothing for the shortlisted list which have been accredited
But I am really happy for TANK for his efforts to be able to think positive (although I am sure that he is unlucky/unfortunate,but I do not judge a book by its cover.)
As for the way all of you support us,
Some by getting excited, some angry, and some helping us review to help us reflect our ownselves
But please be patient and stay calm
As prize award is only a prize award
It is not our entire life
It is just a golden trophy
Giving me two D cups would be more useful
Which can be seen stuck onto me everyday

Accreditation is the assessment
They have their own goods and advantages
They are not our family nor friends
Just listen and forget about the things they had said
There is no need to it to heart
As there are still many other things that need to be concerned in this world
Animals, the elderly, children,and the victims of those natural disasters.....
The one who shares~

Originally posted on 2008-05-22 at 23:55:50

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