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Saturday, May 17, 2008
[MSG] Let's All Pray for Those Affected by The Diasaster


I was lost in thought for a very very long time while sitting infront of the television
I was thinking, thinking of leaving a message or a word of support for the people of Si Chuan that are affected by the earthquake
However I then thought to myself "Don't be silly", how can it be, everything has already collapse, how can there still be the internet?
I then thought that maybe I should express my views and hurt regarding the matter
However I then thought to myself "Don't be silly", how can it be, how can I be able to fully express myself in just afew sentences?
.....I finally thought of the only possible way
Which is to ask the currently blessed and safe you who is reading this
To spread your love
Donate money (This sounds very blunt but there's no other choice)
And Thank Thank Thank You All

Originally posted on 2008-05-17 at 01:08:24

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