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Friday, May 16, 2008
[MSG] Let's All Pray for Those Affected by the Disaster


Whenever someone tells me that they are from Si Chuan, I will feel a special kind of closeness
However when I read the newspapers of my fellow citizens where
Teachers helping people, parents painfully searching for their children...etc One after another news made my eyes red
Why would such a diasterious and unfortunate thing happen in this world?
However, I know that at such an urgent stage, we should not cry but instead stand out and lend a helping hand
Donate for those who have money, or lend a helping hand Bit by bit would create great strength
Let those who are affected by this know that this world has not forgotten about them Let them know that we are there to support them
Let those very hard working rescuers know how thankful we are for them
I ask for everyone not to give up and go through such a difficult stage in life together
Lastly I want to shout out to those reading this message
There are several ways of donating:




Contributing would give a lot of hopes for the people from Si Chuan Also, influence the people around you to do the same
Let's all do our best Let them love together! Cheer on!!

Originally posted on 2008-05-16 at 20:46:17

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