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Thursday, April 10, 2008
[MSG] Belated

HebeGoing overseas for 10 days
Packed my luggage, remaining just the throwing of rubbish in my trash
I then realised that there were several food in the cupboard that had already been expired
The hands of the thrifty Hakka threw them away
Really such a waste Such a waste Very sinful very sinful So very sinful
In the future, I won't act all so smart and have that kind of idea (After all its not like there's a typhoon)
Because I don't wish to see time limited then lament
I don't want to be struck by lightning
I don't want to be wrapped around expiry dates

The moment we arrived at Shanghai
We rushed to the must eat hot pot restaurant
We had made reservations
The floor, on the table and on the ceiling
Were filled with balloons
It was as if we were celebrating for someone in our big group
When I looked carefully
It was me! I was the one everyone was celebrating for!
I got wooed again He!!!
On the balloons were written "Happy Belated Birthday"
My god
Expiry date again?
But nobody dislikes Blessings Not afraid of expiry dates Not afraid of the change of quality When I eat it I won't get tummy ache either
Therefore I accepted the blessings
And finished dinner feeling happy and satisfied
The moment we walked down the stairs, I was surrounded by wooing fans as if I was a fairy
There was also a special guest from Nintendo~Mario
It's Mario himself He personally wished me Happy Birthday
This belated birthday was very sweet
Thank you all
Even though its belated but it will always be kept safe

Originally posted on 2008-04-09

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