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Monday, March 17, 2008
[MSG] Such Definite Love Would Only Pass By Once In A LIfe Time


Xiao Kai bought two classic movie DVDs
He said he wanted to share them with me
One of them is The Bridges of Madison County
He said
That this movie was recommended by Mother Kai
That is why he bought it
The other film was recommended by Xiao Kai's second elder sister
That is why he bought it as well
The Shawshank Redemption
I have heard of both movies before
But have not seen them
He had watched it already
And really wants to share them with me
The two actors of
The Bridges of Madison County were great
I asked him about the plot
And he had no words to describe
He just said that he wants to watch it with me again
He also hopes to meet a loved one in his life
When I heard it
I was so nervous
Was that his way of confessing his love?
Would he say it while watching the movie with me?
Maybe I am thinking too much
But that's how girls are
Always love to daydream
However, he said
That I have to have a taste of the movie
I agreed so we would be having a DVD date
The Shawshank Redemption
Absolutely great movie script
With absolute great actors
You must watch the whole movie till the end There will be surprises
He asked me to recommend this to everyone
So that's why
These two movies
Let's all go watch them together
Share your thoughts online after watching them
Awaiting for the date with Xiao Kai
I want to eat popcorn with him

Originally posted on 2008-03-17

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