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Thursday, March 27, 2008
[MSG] I Am In The Water


This time while filming for an advertisement
I took some time to secretly go scuba diving
This is my third time
The past two times were because of variety programs
However, this time's location wasn't in Taiwan
It is in China's Hainan Island
Wow Felt so excited when I was in the water
Under sea I saw Nemo
And many other cute and colorful fishes
There were so many different kinds of beautiful coral reefs
I took a photo with a sea star too Really so cool
But the funniest thing is the moment I was floating along the water, I started to feel seasick
I didn't manage to get into the boat in time therefore I vomited in the sea
What a special feeling
In the past when I get drunk, I would run to the toilet to vomit To directly vomit in the sea is the first
After vomiting, I let out a loud laugh because it was so funny
When I got up the boat I vomited again Vomited till there was nothing left to vomit
But all of this was worth it
Because it was really very beautiful A very special memory Just want to share with everyone
However, if we want to continue admiring the beautiful corals and cute Nemo
We have to learn to love our planet
Because the Earth's warm and the sea water is getting warmer Several sea creatures aren't able to continue with life
So promise me that we have to protect Earth well
Knowing how to protect Earth and implementing it would enable Earth to breathe healthy Only then can we continue to live better ok?
Let's all do our partOriginally posted on 2008-03-26

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