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Monday, March 31, 2008
[MSG] Ha! Relieving Intoxication! Here I Come!


Actually, I have a little more free time recently
I do nothing almost everyday so I would come online to browse around
So the moment there was someone who started topics wishing me Happy Birthday some time ago
I had received all of your wishes and blessings one after the other
Please rest assure
I have already read and every blessing and encouragement message and have put them in my heart
I feel so much warmth
I guess this should be the power of love

There are some fans that even sent cards to my brother's restaurant
All of them have been safely passed to me already
Completely blessed me thoroughly
Mother Tian expressed that she still cannot change the habit of reading her daughters' letters(It seems like she would secretly filter my letters and mobile phone while I was still schooling in the past So scary!)
She has seen all of the cards you have written for me
She was laughing so happily
As if it is her who have received a bunch of love letters
She feels that the contents kids write are very cute
Which means that it is very interesting
She thinks all of you are super cute
I want to Thank everyone for not only making me happy
But also for making Mother Tian so pleased to see that everyone is supporting me

Also also
I have seen the ‘Too Late\‘MV that 喜碧老人團 had done
I wanna laugh till I die Really very creative
Let me see the Xinfeng Train Station for a long time (A place for dating and taking tutoring lessons in the past)
Really put in a lot of effort
Can't be that you want me?
Think too much
My heart is already under leadership(...bear)

Woke up on the 29th
I actually wanted to tell everyone about my birthday plans and to Thank everyone for their wishes
However I felt so sordid
When I saw a great amount of cursing going around
So I thought...I'd postpone it and wait for things to calm down
That is why I didn't come here until today

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with a great number of people
As usual Full full full of blessings
Super happy
Carelessly drank with greed (Basically, the birthday star would not get away without being drunk)
That is why I am trying to stay strong here
I will share more later on
I am hungry now
Going to have my meal first
A very big Thank You once again~

Originally posted on 2008-03-31 at 19:35:36

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