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Saturday, March 29, 2008
[MSG] Finally Deleted Everything One By One GuoDong11 and The Other One Called ZiQian, Both of You....


Very good
Got scolding the moment wake up
So excellent
Deleted one by one
Very tiring
So being administrator isn't an easy job
The both of you
Have such foul mouths Why don't you go wash your teeth
Your awful smell which has contaminated the whole network is so disgusting Don't you guys know that?
Such dirty and filthy inner spirits aren't fit to be fans
I have remembered you guys already
Don't ever think of coming here to leave anymore messages
As long as I see any of your messages, I will have no mercy and immediately delete them one by one
Everyone should be alert
It's not that I'm not concerned about everyone
I do read the messages you leave for me
So everyone should leave messages with caution
Be a person with good manners
Don't make your parents lose faces
The reason they send you to school isn't for you to learn how to scold others or to be petty
These two people really lose face
Because the site is being browsed by so many people
Everyone should know that Guodong and ZiQian are very disgraceful So miserable
Isn't that right, everyone?
Those people who self-proclaim that they love us
If your love is so disgraceful
Beg you to please stop loving Ok?
Because my whole body feels uncomfortable being loved by such irrational and out of mind people
Thank you

Originally posted on 2008-03-29 at 12:10:44



Yes, it is me who left the message
Don't read it if you don't believe

Originally posted on 2008-03-29 at 12:19:25


Ai La, Sorry, the next time you read such dirty things, just call us will do
The two people's accounts have been deleted already As well as that chenzf fellow
Its been hard on you
The next time I'll teach you how to delete usernames
Deleting messages is much more tiring Just allow us to do it

- Admin

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