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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
[MSG] Bed and Breakfast Dream's First Steps


Today Xiao Kai happily shared with me the first step of his dream
He said that the day before yesterday, he had an appointment with an architect at his hometown
The architect said
The house practically has no architecture framework and if stubbornly wants to rebuild it would only result in unnecessory expense
Therefore, Xiao Kai was a little disappointed
Afterall, that place was where he had grown up since young
Where it contains a tremendous amount of memories
But for the sake of the future, he can only give up the old house and build a better and newer one
He adorably said
It's just like the song you wrote "You will always live within the memories"
Each and every bit of this house lives within my memories
He is so cute
Therefore, Mother Kai reminded him that if he was to build, he would have to ask for his grandfather's permission first
Thus, on the spot, he asked his grandfather if he could tear down the old house and build a bigger and newer house
With tears shinning in his eyes, Grandfather said
Of course
Actually long before the news had reported about this, Grandfather Kai had rushed to Mother Kai to question her whether Xiao Kai was going to build a new house
Hehe Grandfather Kai had originally already wished for his later generations to help him build up his old home
Because the offspring of Grandfather Kai's friends had already helped their families to build new houses So he also hoped that his own would be able to do the same
Because he would feel proud that his grand children has the ability to do this for him
Therefore, Grandfather Kai generously said to Xiao Kai From here to the back of over there all belongs to our house You can rebuild all you want No problem
When Grandfather Kai knew that the transformation was confirmed, he immediately brought Grandmother Kai with him to Uncle A Mi's house to show off
When he got home, he said to Xiao Kai Uncle A Mi wants to borrow 10 million from you Haha
Uncle A Mi is so cute
But Grandfather Kai is even cuter
Xiao Kai is now full of ideas
He hopes that the courtyard would be filled with personally grown crops such as corn, tomato, lemon and so on
So when guests come, they could help themselves to them
He hopes that when customers come to their house, they would be able to fully relax and enjoy the country lifestyle
Xiao Kai said One has got to have dreams to be able to realize them step by step
He said that this dream was from 6 years ago where now, he would have to implement it He is really very happy that he has the ability to allow his family to live a better life
He said that he is just missing his soul mate whom would make his life more complete
I also hope that someone would appear to make me become a better person
Awaiting Xiao Kai's dream Awaiting for a person

Originally posted on 2008-03-10

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