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Sunday, February 03, 2008
[MSG] Year


The day before I ate a bowl of Misua
It was the first time eating it and also the last
Because the boss said that after the day has ended, they're not selling it anymore because the rent has raised and that they're not able to continue
When I took the first bite, I felt so disheartened
Because not only is it the first time I'm eating this but also the last
Such delicacy cannot be continued How will the boss' new year carry on?

While in the taxi
The driver asked me how long before it was Chinese New Year
Using my fingers to count, there is approximately one week left before the Chinese New Year
He replied
Ai The year is so difficult to spend
However the next sentence he said was
Difficult to spend but is something that has to be done
I answered
That's right However difficult it is, we still must try our best to overcome

During the snow disaster in China
Everyone felt like going home for the new year
Even if snow flew across
Everyone still felt a must to go home for the new year
This is spirit of Chinese people, valuing family and Chinese New Year
The three of us weren't afraid of the snow either, we just had to accompany our Family for Chinese New Year
Wishing for everyone to spend the new year with peace and health
Try to make an effort, my fellow citizens
Happy Chinese New Year

Originally posted on 2008-02-03 at 00:50:03

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