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Friday, January 25, 2008
[NEWS] S.H.E Walks Away With Two Awards at the 2007 Beijing Music Radio Awards

When S.H.E attended the 2007 Beijing Music Radio Awards, they won both the「 Most Popular Group」 and 「 Year's Golden Song」 for 「 Chinese Language」. The night before they had left for Beijing, Hebe still attended 「 Dou Niu,Yao Bu Yao」 Celebration Party where she enjoyed herself with the director, actors and colleagues till midnight. The next morning at 4 am, she had to rush to the airport for Beijing. Hebe, although very tired, professionally straighted up and attended the awards event.The award list for the event was very tight where nobody knew which artistes were going to win what sort of awards. On the day of the event, Beijing's weather temperature was very chilly. S.H.E whom only wore black skirts shivered while they walked down the red carpet. It was so cold that they had to hide hot packs inside their outfits. There were several other celebrities who attended the event. While at the airport, S.H.E had met Wang Lee Hom, Fan Wei Qi etc. Afterwards, while in the rest rooms, they then had a short chat with Deserts, which made the backstage of the event very lively.The「 Most Popular Group Award」 was determinded by fans who have continously voted. This made S.H.E very happy as they were able to receive fans' support and recognition. As the awards event progressed, S.H.E then later won 「 2007 Golden Award Song」 for their song, 「 Chinese Language」. Hebe expressed: 「 Chinese Language is a song where its lyrics and melody are both of good standard. It is also the first time we tried tongue twisters and rap together!」 S.H.E revealed that they would be releasing a new album this year where they have already received a lot of songs and demos already. They said:「 In the new album, we will be adding to a lot more different kinds of music elements.」 S.H.E whom had already tried writing songs in their「 PLAY」 album did not forget to appeal to everyone:「 Hopefully for this next album, writing songs will not be forgotten. This would let us present our own work to everyone.」

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