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Monday, January 28, 2008
[NEWS] S.H.E First 「Qi Zai」 Performance, Stephen Chow Praises Good And Very Suitable For CJ7

Regardless of whether it is Karen Mok, Zhao Wei or any other famous female celebrities, as long as they star in Stephen Chow's movies, they would not be able to escape the fate of disguising ugly. However, if it was S.H.E who were starring in his movie, Stephen Chow grandly promised that: 「By no means, will I ask them to act ugly!」 Ella laughed: 「Because however we try to act ugly, we will never be ugly!」 Ella, whom has recently loved to go to the gym even daringly requested for Stephen Chow to show his muscles. Immediately, Stephen Chow felt embarrassed and used the excuse of the cold weather to reply: 「The weather is so cold now, if the weather is hot then I'll reveal it.」S.H.E whom is the singers of the theme song 「Qi Zai」 for movie 「CJ7」, were invited to join the premier at Beijing last night. It was the first time they sang the song live for everyone. While at backstage, they chatted with Stephen Chow and Xu Jiao. Upon seeing Stephen Chow, S.H.E couldn't control themselves and asked him:「Do you think we sang Qi Zai well?」 Stephen Chow replied in suspense: 「You guys sang...... Very well! This song is very suitable for S.H.E to sing, they sang very well.」 He then asked S.H.E: 「Do you think the movie is good?」 Hebe, who imitated him, purposely answered in a serious manner: 「I feel that it is...... Very nice!」 which made the media who was present laugh.

S.H.E expressed that they had been watching Stephen Chow's movies since young which is why even though it was their first time seeing him, they had a very familiar kind of feeling. It is just like they had known each other for a very long time already. 「The feeling of seeing him is so special! It is just like seeing a person from the television screen come to life.」 Stephen Chow who heard them, humorously asked S.H.E: 「Then do you guys feel very weird, watching me since young. Until now then you get to see me in real life, yet you still feel that I am so young after so many years. Haven't I changed one bit?」

Before leaving for Beijing, Hebe and Ella whom had the chance to watch 「CJ7」 first felt that 「CJ7」 was a very good movie. The contents of the movie had made them both laugh and cry. 「Especially Xu Jiao who acted as Stephen Chow's son. He is so cute!」
Because of the recording for 「Kang Xi Lai Le」, Selina who did not get to watch the movie felt anxious and was looking forward to it. Last night when they saw Xu Jiao, Ella and Hebe immediately touched his head and praised: 「How come you act so well?」 Upon hearing his god-daughter, Xu Jiao being praised, laughed and said:「That's right, at such a young age, her acting skills are already so good. How does she do it?」 Xu Jiao then jokingly said:「Because I am a genius!」
Ella who had already watched the movie had a lot curiosity of its plot. She inquired Stephen Chow:「In the movie, he had hit Xu Jiao. Was it for real?」 Stephen Chow said:「Of course it was for real.」 Selina then asked Xu Jiao:「Was it pain? Did you get angry?」 Xu Jiao shaked her head and said:「I wasn't angry.」 Stephen Chow immediately said:「Who said you weren't angry, at that time, you were so angry that you hugged your mom for the whole day and did not talk to me!」

The thing that made everyone surprised was that Xu Jiao was actually a S.H.E fan. Upon seeing her idols, the lively and cute Xu Jiao became shy. Stephen Chow asked her:「Didn't you say you wanted to learn singing from S.H.E?」 Xu Jiao shyly nodded her head. Under S.H.E's encouragement, she revealed a small rap part of 「Chinese Language」. After that, under the request of the media, S.H.E sang a part of Qi Zai. S.H.E had sang 「Qi Zai」 while Xu Jiao had sang 「Chinese Language」. This resulted Stephen Chow to complain like a kid:「Everyone has sung, how come nobody asks me to sing?」 When the microphone was passed to Stephen Chow, he then became embarrased and didn't dare to sing. S.H.E prepared 「PLAY」 album and DVD for Stephen Chow. Xu Jiao then proudly said to him:「I had bought this album as well.」 Stephen Chow then took the albums and said to Xu Jiao:「But I have two! Do you?」 This showed a very good relationship between the two - like father and daughter.

A lot of artiste wish for a collaboration with Stephen Chow. S.H.E is Taiwan's first group to be able sing for Stephen Chow's movie. After singing the theme song, the three said to Chow:「Let us act with you!」 As for what kind of character would they be starred as? Stephen Chow laughed and said:「These three girls are very pretty so I will not ask them to act as ugly girls!」 Ella then nodded her head and said:「That's right, because however we try to act ugly, we will still look pretty! We want to act as those kind of characters that are the most beautiful and does not have much script, just like Teacher Yuan in 「CJ7」.」

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