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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
[MSG] Xiao Kai Accompanied Me To A Wedding Ceremony

A colleague of mine decided to complete life's biggest decision with his partner
They have become better people because of each other
So envy of them

He accompanied me to the wedding ceremony
To say that I dressed up for the ceremony
Why not say I dressed up because of this very special first date
I specially wore a cute dress
And a pair of jeans on the inside
Initially I had wanted to wear high heels
But I was afraid something embarrassing might happen to me
So I didn't take the chance
Also because I am afraid of the cold
That is why I had a short coat on as well
Adding on a very intellectual feel

When he saw me
His eyes opened wide for a moment
Then he let out his killer smile
At that very moment he electrified me once again
Then he said
You are very special today
I said
Nothing much, just here for the ceremony
We then went in for the ceremony

On the way home
We had kept chatting continuously
Talked about him and talked about me
Talked about work
Talked about life
A very comfortable conversation

There was silence for quite awhile
He said
Being your boyfriend should be a very happy thing right

I didn't say anything
He then said
Because you are very cute
Very easy to get along with
You are also very pretty today

My whole face was bursting red
Then he looked at me
And said
You are even cuter when your shy
Oh my god
He was really deep with emotion

I really feel very happy
This ambiguous feeling is really great
Everyone must grab hold of life and love

Originally posted on 2008-01-21

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