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Saturday, January 12, 2008
[MSG] My Xiao Qiang

This is my dad's new pet
Previously, my dad had a Crested Myna
He would always train that bird to talk
The sentence he loved to teach the most was: Hello Ella
Cute right
Because my dad wishes that whenever I go home
That bird would greet me
My grandmother on the other hand, is also very cute
What she taught was different
She taught him to say: Call Me Granny
Cute right
Because she wishes for the bird to greet her
However, that bird had flown away
Maybe its because it had enough of my dad and grandmother
Just like this, my dad, grandmother and grandfather's joy in life had lessen by a little
That's why my dad wants to keep a dog
He said
Someone has to keep an eye on the house
That's why he wants to raise a dog
Country side people are like this
My dad wants me to name the dog
I like to eat sea urchin roe the most
That's why I hope to name it Uni
My mother had her own opinions
She said if you don't pronounce it properly, it would sound like Ou Ni
Which means devil
So my mother suggested
It be called Qiang Qiang
My mother is super cute
Most probably because she wanted to comfort me
Later on
I shared this news with my sisters
They said
Qiang Qiang is the one and only
I named the dog Xiao Qiang (Little Strong)
Because it is a male
That's why it is that Chinese character from the word Strong
So, this is the origin of my family's Xiao Qiang
Hope that he would grow up as a healthy dog
And help protect my family

Originally posted on 2008-01-12

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