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Friday, January 04, 2008
[MSG] Happy 2008!


Say goodbye to 2007
Our already fully planned schedule makes me await for surprises this year
Talking about surprises...... Yeah.....I believe everyone already knows about my \‘honored\‘2008 First Issue Gossips Magazine Cover!
Really don't know if I should be thankful to the paparazzis' hard work or feel remorse for letting HIM's care
I myself don't wish to use this kind of way of saying Happy New Year to everyone......
When I see everyone feeling very unjust for me and discussing so intense, I really feel that all of you are so cute!!

Not long after I entered this business, I knew that for artistes, making friends is not an easy thing
Be it someone in the entertainment world or not, as long as they stand beside me, they would be written as my rumored boyfriend
Ai.....How am I going to get married if this continues?
Although I always say that artistes should continuously provide entertainment and gossips to people
However, because of this recent news, my friend who is not in the entertainment world is continuously pulled into this
This makes me very upset and also sorry towards him
What makes me upset is whether I would be able to carry on making friends in the future
Not only was his name and photo published, they even wrote his occupation and went to his company!
Just went out for a meal only.....Is there really a need to write about until me like that........
Even said that I need to arrange blind date for the intention of marriage.....
Write about my friend saying him old and also said that he did not pay money when going out
I think I can only eat instant noodles at home in the future!! Who else would dare to go out with me??
Wuwuwu......I don't wish to be a single old witch who sings to the age of 80!!!

Lastly, I want to thank the paparazzi for their \‘generous love\‘ and also want to say sorry to my friend once more
I also pray to god that in this new year, I would be able to find my true love and that everyone would be healthy~

Originally posted on 2008-01-04 at 03:28:04

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