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Friday, December 14, 2007
[NEWS] Fahrenheit and S.H.E Collaborates For 《Xin Wo》 MV


Fahrenheit and their seniors S.H.E's collaboration for Romantic Princess' opening song 《Xin Wo》 have gone a step further where their seniors personally helps them to film the music video. In the music video, each of them except Fahrenheit member Aaron are matched. Ella was, of course matched with rumored boyfriend, Chun. She jokingly said : 「Chun has loved Angela Zhang long enough already, it's time he had come back.」 On the other hand, Jiro was matched with Selina while Calvin was matched with Hebe. In the music video, everyone would have a sweet couples' dance. As for which couple had the most chemistry? Of course Chun and Ella.

At the same time, all 7 of them squeezed into bed where Selina who had curly hair and had worn flowery pajamas was the most humorous.

《Xin Wo》 will be recorded in Fahrenheit's upcoming second album for 2008. Please stay tuned to our site for more information.

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