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Monday, December 24, 2007
[MSG] Let's All Give A Helping Hand


Today with that bunch of friends, we went to Taipei Happy Mount to see the children
They bought along some goods and gifts for them
The children were all very happy
Because we also prepared music for everyone to dance together
Everyone had a very pleasant afternoon
However, after understanding the situation, we found out that they had a shortage of goods
Little children would grow
Therefore, the clothings would become small
During this time of Winter, the children would be very very cold
I believe everyone can't bare to see them shivering and freezing
No worries
All of you can do your part to help as well
Just by taking good clothes that you don't wear often from home
Cleaning them and sending them to this address
24942台北縣八里鄉中華路3段187號 樂山療養院
Would help them go through a very Winter

Thank you everyone
Everyone is Santa Claus
Merry Christmas

Originally posted on 2007-12-24 at 00:06:41

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