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Saturday, December 01, 2007
[MSG] The Last Stop

Today is the last stop
Exceptionally excited
Also can't bear
Seeing Hebe being strong while filming
Seeing Selina host so happily
Seeing Huayan's each and every staff member working so seriously with great effort
Seeing each and every fan accompanying us through every moment and memory
This year is really very plentiful!
I am very happy
To be able to see everyone
I know that I am very lucky and blissful
Do you know
That all of you are also very blissful
As long as there is just enough
You can be happy for a very long time
Cheer on
There will still be a lot of work in the future
Hope that every single important moment there would be all of you there to accompany us
Cheer on
Let's all work hard together
I want to share with everyone some happy memories
Hope that all of you would be able to feel our happiness because of these memories

Originally posted on 2007-12-01

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