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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Vote for your favorite - S.H.E.
To vote for them in the nominated catergories they are in, please click on the title awards below.

Most Loved Group Award (All Regions)
  • S.H.E
Supreme Award
  • PLAY - S.H.E
Supreme Mandarin Song Award
  • 中国话 - S.H.E
And if you have enough time to spare and would love to support S.H.E's juniors:

Most Loved New Group Award
  • 星光帮

Voting Method:

1. To vote for your favorite, click on the 支持您 button located on the top right hand side of your desired vote
2. When a yellow tick appears in the box of your vote, click on the green button which says 立即投票 located in the moving box on the left hand side

You will then be brought to a page which needs a login and password.
Registration only takes about 3 minutes so please take a little time off to support S.H.E!

Registration Method:
  1. Simply click on the red button that says LOGIN 会员登入
  2. Click on the black button that says 还未登记? 立即甲请

Once you have clicked on the 下一步 button, you will be brought to a page which reconfirms your details.
Scroll down and click on the black button which says 完成会员登记

Once you have successfully registered, you can start voting.

To view how the votes are progressing, simply click on the second green button on the right hand side.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Every email account will have the opportunity to vote only once in each category. If found cheating, votes will be dismissed.
  2. Voting will for SINA Music Awards 2007 will end on the 10th of January 2008 12 PM Hong Kong Timezone.
  3. Results will be announced on the 15th January 2008.
Please remember to support and vote for S.H.E
Every vote counts.
Happy Voting!

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